Puppy Stimulation – Interactive Toys and Training

If your pup is misbehaving or engaging in destructive behaviour such as chewing, begging, separation anxiety, digging, and barking, it may just be because he is bored. If your pup lacks physical and or mental stimulation, boredom kicks in and manifests itself in ways that can get him into trouble. To keep boredom at bay, you may want to look into getting your pup an interactive toy or two, especially as they provide other benefits such as:

  • Promoting physical activity: If you live on a farm or have a big fenced yard, your pup may be getting more than enough exercise. However, for dogs who live in apartment buildings or who only get about an hour of play after their human parent comes home, lack of exercise may be a concern. But if your pup has an interactive toy to engage with anytime he wants, he can get more of the exercise he needs even while you’re away at work.
  • Providing mental stimulation: Physical exertion is important for your pup’s health, and so is mental stimulation. An age-appropriate interactive toy should be sufficiently challenging for your pup, so he can make use of his problem solving skills. For example, by letting your pup play with a JW RoboBone electronic treat dispenser, he’ll have to figure out what he needs to do for his toy to keep dispensing his favourite treats. Once he does find out, it’ll be gratifying experience for your pup.
  • Keeping your dog entertained when you’re not home: Pet parents usually feel a little guilty leaving behind their pet home alone. With an interactive toy such as the Kong Wobbler or Kong Genius, your pup is guaranteed hours of physical and mental stimulation. You can then come home to a calm, relaxed pup who hasn’t destroyed the house or barked for hours in anxiety.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight: This benefit is related to the physical exertion usually required in playing with interactive toys, and other toys in general. And if your pup gets moving for the greater part of the day with his interactive toy, he’ll be burning calories. This will help keep him at a healthy weight so you needn’t fear your pup becoming overweight and suffering from a host of health problems.

Make sure you get a toy that you know your pup would be interested in. If he is fearful of strange sounds, avoid getting him a squeaky interactive toy. If your pup likes to chase things, you may want to shop around for robotic interactive toy he can chase around. Or you can get him the Hol-ee Treat Ball by JW which you can fill up with nutritious treats such as Australian Milky Treats by SavourLife. There are several types of interactive toys to choose from, just be sure to check that it’s made of safe, sturdy material and is at just the right size for your pup.

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