Dog must-haves: Your new puppy checklist

Congratulations on welcoming a new member to the family! Before all the fun puppy training begins, here are our top picks and tips to help you get your space organised.

Setting up your space

After finally agreeing on your pets’ name, it’s time to think about where your dog will live. First, you’ll need to decide whether you want to dedicate an entire room or a part of a room to your pooch, keeping in mind that it should be somewhere relatively quiet but close to living areas where the family will be. If you’re dedicating an entire room, choose a snug place away from the window. If you’re dedicating a portion of a room, choose a quiet spot away from any air conditioning or heating vents. As your pup settles over a few days, start to expose them to as many things as you can while keeping the interaction positive and enjoyable.

Puppy essentials we recommend:


Get your dog chompin’, eating and drinking with a FuzzYard food and water bowl. But… if you are looking for a cheap, but funky look, Kmart actually have feature a great range of functional and understated pet bowls, food storage and accessories to fit any style, breed or room.

If you have got yourself a pup that loves to eat waaaaaay too quickly, we recommend a slow feeder bowl.


Royal Bullies are one of our favourite Australian pet treat companies! Their mission is simple; premium ingredients made available to all pets at a price that is affordable. Royal Bullies only use 100% Pure ingredients that have no additives, preservatives or any nasties! They have an extensive range that caters for the fussiest of eaters… everything is sourced is of Premium, Wild Caught, Grass Feed, Free Range Natural & Organic Goodness from Australia and New Zealand and made right here in Australia.

If you are looking for something sweet, check out Sweet Chops. All of Sweet Chops’ cupcakes and dog treats use dog friendly ingredients including gluten free flour, fruit, natural peanut butter and honey, carob and yoghurt. All of our gourmet dog treats are handmade (baked and iced) and are designed to be a little piece of decadence for your four legged furry friends.

L’Barkery is a family business located in Brisbane, Australia whom aim to spoil your fur babies with innovative products that are both entertaining and beneficial to their health and happiness. Their products are formulated by their very own pet nutritionist, taste tested and given the stamp of approval by their own fur babies Lola and Blade.

Featured inside our very own Welcome Home Boxes are some super scrumptious treats from Royal Bullies and The Crazee Dog Lady.


Your dog will sleep soundly in a FuzzYard reversible pet bed. Fuzzyard’s beds feature funky designs, a velvety plush cushion and their famous feather-soft filling that your dog will love! And best of all, when it gets dirty simply throw it in the wash.


Here at Golden Swag HQ, we know exactly what is needed to make your new fur-baby feel right at home with his or her new wolf pack.

You will be able to treat their new pup or adopted fur-child to a super exciting box of goodies, to help keep their new tribe member occupied (so they stop stealing socks), to encourage them to learn to stop biting fingers, and to help with teething.

Order your dawg a Welcome Home Box today and they’ll receive a carefully curated collection of interactive toys, healthy treats and super handy accessories.

Working with local and independent businesses, we’ve found unique and healthy toys and treats to match golden babies perfectly.

Featured inside our Welcome Home Boxes is a 15% off voucher for My Pupper.


Depending on what style of collar and lead you prefer, both of this all-Aussie companies are just simply amazing! My Pupper features designer handmade accessories for your pooch that are made from unique, high quality 100% cotton material and feature durable metal hardware. Big & Little Dogs offer maximum style and comfort with their accessories. Check them both out!


The sound of tiny paws pattering across the ground, the sweet smell of puppy breath and fuzzy puppy tummies make even the toughest of men melt. Often the usual routine goes out the window but it’s important that you settle into normal everyday life as soon as possible. We’ve put together this puppy house training guide that features everything you need to know on how to toilet train your puppy quickly. Check out our blog post featuring simple, handy tips and tricks to house train your new pack member.

Top tips

  • Introduce family and friends one at a time and slowly, ensuring that all children approach the pet with care.
  • Do your research on pet health and behaviours. Start training and determine boundaries by limiting access in the house and garden.
  • Puppy proofing the house! Check that there are no cords to chew or get tangled in.
  • Check that household cleaners are out of reach.
  • Where possible replace breakable items with plastic ones.

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