Is a Golden Swag Dog Gift Box For You?

How to Know if a Dog Gift Box is for You?

As a general rule of thumb, when someone visits your home, your dog usually likes that person. Unless that person is a delivery person. If this sounds like your dog, make their day with a Gift Dog Box delivery. Canine recipients of gift boxes have it good alright. It will be as if they get to celebrate a birthday every month, and their excitement levels are just as palpable each and every time.

Monthly gift boxes are not a new concept – food and makeup gift boxes can attest to that. But a gift box for your dog (yes, it’s only for your fur babies) is a relatively new trend. How did this get so popular? Let us share below.

But first, what is a Dog Gift Box?

Simply put, a dog gift box is a service providing monthly mail delivery of a box of treats and toys to doggy recipients. Once a dog owner enrolls as a dog gift box member with a particular dog box provider, the lucky dog giftee receives a goodies box containing surprise items often centered around a particular theme.

Why are Dog Boxes so popular?

If you have a furbaby or child, you’ll understand why we love to spoil our fur-friends with gifts. Dog owners enjoy the surprises typically associated with pet boxes, as well as the reaction these monthly gifts elicit from their four-legged friends. Equally important, though, dog owners also benefit by possessing a built-in capability each month to discover new products (toys, chews, treats, health and hygiene items, etc.) entering the pet marketplace. Moreover, a dog gift box represents a great gift option for other pet lovers in your life.

How does a Dog Gift Box work?

While the process may vary somewhat with each dog box provider, Golden Swag Dog Gift Boxes generally includes the following three steps:

1/ Sign up and register your dog:

By registering your dog, Golden Swag will determine what kind of toys and treats are perfect for your pooch. The toys are handpicked and personalised based on your dog’s size and gender.

2/ Pick your box:

You can pick what kind of box you want for your dog.

3/ Wait for your dig gift box to arrive:

This might be the hardest part of the process – but rest assured your Golden Swag gift box will be packed with love on the day your order is received.

Here’s what to consider before signing up:

Know your box

There are several companies that offer dog gift boxes – but not all dog gift box companies are equal.

Research the price and content of several boxes to see what you and your pet would like. Many boxes contain food, toys, or a combination of both, though you won’t always know exactly what you’re getting before you receive it.

The items in pet boxes are usually a good deal compared with paying the full retail price for it all.

Know your pet

Certain dogs are better suited to dog gift boxes than others. Consider what you know about your pet’s likes and dislikes.

But there might be some things you don’t know, like if he/she would enjoy a new kind of toy or type of food. Dog boxes can introduce you to products that you wouldn’t otherwise pay full price for without testing them.

Still, be realistic. A dog with strict dietary restrictions might not benefit from some boxes or a pup with one favourite ball may not be keen on new toys.

On the other hand, some large dogs go through toys quickly, so a new set of playthings each month could be just right.

Know yourself (and your budget)

We’ll never really know if pets get as excited about monthly deliveries as their parents do. So, the box has to be something you value.

A dog gift box won’t be right for every pet or owner, but if there’s room in your budget, it might become a delivery you both eagerly anticipate each month.

Know your options

Even if you and your pet fit the criteria, research a company before signing up. Here are a few points to consider:

Online experience

Browse the website for usability. The FAQ page is a good place to find basic information like how to sign up, when to expect your package, where the provider sources their treats and toys and other important details.

Customer reviews

See what others are saying. Reviews are word of mouth online and will strengthen a company’s credibility. They have the power to help you establish trust in the business you are interacting with.

If you’re down with buying your pup a box, why not order a box from Golden Swag? Explore boxes here.

Every one of our boxes is jam-packed with value, and love, containing a rad selection of treats, toys, occasional hygiene products and accessories plus vouchers and samples from our most favourite dog-loving business’ that have been thoughtfully paw-selected and have the paw of approval from our Hungarian Vizsla Connie here at Golden Swag HQ.

You can…

Save time.

Life changes so fast and we understand that finding enough time to go out and search for 100% natural & organic treats and products for your dogs can be nearly impossible, especially when there are so many brands that claim to be healthy, and they simply are not.

It can be confusing to know what is good or bad but no fear… we are here to save you time and frustration. Our dog-sperts will do their utmost to find healthy, natural and premium products all over Australia, New Zealand and the world. Say goodbye to your headaches and hello to more quality time with your dog!

Keep your dog healthy.

The health of your dog is so much more than what food you feed them. Keeping your dog happy and entertained is extremely important, and Golden Swag is the perfect box of goodies to help with this!

We have completed extensive research as to what really floats your dog’s boat and we are super confident our box is something your dog will bark for! Our Swag Boxes only ever include natural and high-quality treats made in Australia and New Zealand and the toys chosen to feature inside our boxes are premium dog products from dog-loving brands around the world that are safe for your best friend.

Save Money.

Having a Swag Box arrive at your door will save you money! We pack and deliver a complete box of high-quality dog products for your dog at the most reasonable price you can get.

Golden Swag boxes all include flat rate shipping of $9.95 Australia Wide shipping to you, saving you money – more depending on where you live in Australia. It also will save you on driving to and from shops to fulfil your best friends needs when it comes to spoiling your best mate.


At Golden Swag order as you wish with no lock-in subscriptions like many other gift boxes. Order once or over and over again, the choice is yours! We guarantee that your Dawg will be living and breathing for the next delivery of the box. We’ll go ahead and apologise in advance for your dawgs constant begging for more! Try a box today and make your best friends day – they won’t be disappointed!

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