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How to Keep Your Dog Entertained While in Quarantine

We’re all feeling the effects of quarantine – including your pooch. Because our movements are limited, this means less walking, outdoor playing and socialising with other dogs. Larger breeds will struggle with these changes especially. On the bright side, quarantine means more one-on-one quality time with your pet. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your furry companion, giving them the attention they so badly crave from their owners. Keeping your furry friend entertained during quarantine is key to curbing boredom and destructive behaviour. Stuggling to come up with ideas to keep your dog entertained while in quarantine?

Here are some ideas to keep you both entertained in quarantine and help you get through the long days together.

Learning new tricks 

Tricks are a fun and satisfying way to keep your dog occupied. Being stuck in the house all day can make dogs (and sometimes humans) aggressive and restless. Just as we might read a book or watch a movie, dogs need mental stimulation to keep them from going stir crazy. Since space is probably limited, practice tricks you can perform in confined areas. One idea is a treasure hunt game, where you can hide doggy treats around the house and challenge your dog to find them. The reward will keep them interested.

Invest in new toys to entertain your pooch

Like children, dogs eventually get tired of playing with the same toy day in day out. You need to switch it up every now and again to keep your pooch engaged. Nowadays, you can get your dog interactive toys like puzzles and board games. Treat dispensers are a cool product which help to test their brains while having fun.

Shake up mealtime

Dogs are hunters by nature, so why not challenge them to find their food? Ditch the bowl and scatter their food around the house for them to sniff out. It’s a fun way to keep your dogs busy and mentally alert.

Create an indoor doggy obstacle course

Can’t go to the park? Bring the park to your home by setting up a simple obstacle course. There are many ways you can imitate an agility course using household items. Line up some bundles of towels and have your dog jump over them. Set up a zig-zag pattern using books or furniture and watch your dog weave his/her way through.

Learn the art of doggy massage

Dogs love a good rub. Take it a step further by learning some simple dog massage techniques. It can be therapeutic for you, too. If your dog is feeling particularly anxious in quarantine, massage can reduce stress significantly. It’s also an excellent bonding exercise.

Treat your dog to a pamper session

Quarantine is the perfect time for a doggy makeover, although this may be more of a treat for you than your pooch. We can’t guarantee that they’ll enjoy a haircut as much as we do, but it’s necessary to keep your dog clean and fresh. Start with brushing their coat, cleaning their teeth, trimming their nails, giving them a bubble bath, and trimming their locks. If your dog gets restless in the same position for too long, use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage him/her to cooperate.

Bake some dog treats

Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen. If you’re sick of the same old recipes, why not experiment with some doggy treats? Sure, it’s easier to buy them at the supermarket. But making your own means you know exactly what your dog is consuming, so you can make them as healthy as you want.

Play hide and seek

Many dogs get a real kick out of playing hide and seek. Despite their hunter’s instincts and heightened senses, they often struggle to find us behind a door. When your dog gets sick of toys and tricks, this is a sure-fire way to keep them entertained.

Snuggle on the couch and binge on Netflix or DogTV

Being indoors with your dog doesn’t have to be all about games and exercises. Dogs need to unwind too, and there’s no one they love to lounge with more than their owners. After a day of activity, your dog will probably be more than happy to sit with you while you watch Netflix. If you want to give them a treat though, you can switch on DogTV which uses colour and sound to stimulate your dog’s mind and curb boredom.

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