How Kong Toys Can Help Stop Your Dog’s Destructive Behaviour?

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew, especially since doing so helps them de-stress. The act of chewing releases relaxing hormones, so it helps in making dogs feel better, and it is a great, natural way for them to self-soothe. This is fine as long as your fur baby doesn’t end up chewing on wires and cables, books, footwear, furniture, pillows, shoelaces and other household items. Kongs and other types of chew toys help to address this problem so that your fur baby’s chewing tendency is diverted toward a toy designed to address their chewing compulsion.

Why Kongs are special

As a pet parent, you must already be aware of the many types of chew toys out in the market. But what makes Kongs special?

1. Kongs are durable

The durability of the rubber used for Kongs is one of the most important features of this particular type of toy as it ensures safe chewing. You won’t need to worry about your pup biting off bits and pieces, and swallowing parts of their Kong toy. There are also different types of Kongs based on the type of chewer: beginning chewers (puppies), light chewers, typical chewers and aggressive chewers. This means that even the most destructive chewers have a Kong to match their tendencies.

2. Kongs have hollow centres that can be stuffed with your doggy’s favourite treats

You can guarantee your pup hours of enjoyable and challenging play by stuffing a Kong’s hollow centre with your fur baby’s favourite food or treats. There’s actually a long list of dogs’ favourite things recommended for use as Kong stuffing: Dry food or kibble Biscuits soaked in onion-free stock Mashed pumpkin or sweet potato (you can add small pieces of liver treats) Xylitol-free or organic peanut butter for sealing plus cottage cheese for filling Bread soaked in gravy or stock Pieces of eggy bread (similar to French toast) Tuna and cottage cheese Kong ice blocks (overnight frozen stuffing)

3. Kongs help dogs to express instinctive behaviour safely

Chewing, scavenging and working for food are natural canine tendencies. With a Kong toy, your pup can express himself without resorting to destructive behaviours that can lead to him ruining household items and personal possessions.

4. Kongs can help inculcate good habits

Dogs engage in destructive behaviours such as indiscriminate chewing due to various reasons: anxiety, boredom, fear or attention-seeking. If, for example, you’ll be leaving your dog for the first time, leave a stuffed Kong so he can stay busy while you’re away. It’s also a safe and fun distraction that’ll take his attention away from his separation anxiety. You can also use a Kong to create positive associations, so crate training becomes easier, as well as for diminishing barking and digging. So, if your fur baby engages in destructive behaviours when bored, fearful or stressed, make sure to grab a Kong the next time you go pet toy shopping

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