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Genius Ways to Exercise Your Dog Inside The House

We often hear that having a dog can significantly improve our quality of life. For those who live independently, a dog can make them feel safe and secure. They also help to stave off loneliness and can bring a new sense of purpose to the lives of their owners. They can help us emotionally – lifting our mood with energy-charged greetings and slobbery kisses. Not only are they our furry companions, but they are a part of our family.

For all that they do for us – we owe our dogs a lot.

One simple way to say “thank you” is to treat our dogs with special care. A big part of caring for them is regular exercise. Regular physical activity is vital for a dog’s overall health and well-being. No matter what size or breed, dogs usually need a daily dose of movement. As well as being a mental stimulant, exercise can help reduce the risk of obesity and other serious health problems.

Unfortunately, exercising your dog isn’t always that simple. The COVID-19 restrictions require us to stay indoors as much as possible, which limits our capacity for outdoor activity. And as the cool, crisp months of winter roll in – it’s perfect weather for curling up and snuggling by the heater with your furry friend.

However, while winter does bring its cosy perks, it’s important to remember that exercising your furry friend is just as important now as it is in the warmer months. Fortunately, there are many ways we can exercise our fur friends inside the warmth and comfort of our houses!

Check out our genius tips on how to exercise your dog inside the house:

So, what are your options to exercise your dog inside the house?

Luckily, there are many ways you can exercise with your dog within the walls of your home. Golden Swag has come up with these home doggy workouts to ensure your pet stays healthy during lockdown.

Dog Exercise Tip 1: Play fetch inside your house

If you’re renting an apartment or have valuable objects on display, it’s probably best to skip this one.

Though it’s more cramped, you can still play fetch at home. Depending on the size of the room (we recommend the living room, kitchen, or garage) you may want to move some things out of the way to maximise your space. If you have a small dog, you won’t feel that big a difference. You’ll need to be careful with bigger dogs, who are usually livelier and rougher.  Because the space is smaller, it might take a while to tire your dog out. Luckily, most of us have nothing but time on our hands at the moment.

Dog Exercise Tip 2: Tug of War

If your dog isn’t keen for fetch, try a game of tug of war. This game doesn’t need any fancy equipment. An old chew toy or cloth will do – provided you don’t mind it getting ripped. When playing this game, keep things light and playful so that your dog doesn’t become aggressive or overly competitive.

Dog Exercise Tip 3: Run up the stairs

This is a simple one. If you have stairs in your house and your dog is physically able, why not encourage them to run up and down the stairs? To instigate things, you can throw a ball from atop the stairs and beckon your dog to return it. Alternatively, if you’re feeling energetic, you can chase each other up and down for a double workout.

Dog Exercise Tip 4: Treadmill

Certain breeds need more than a leisurely stroll to stay fit and healthy. Treadmills facilitate intense cardio workouts, allowing you full control over speed and incline to tailor your workout to your individual needs. Best of all, they can be used regardless of Mother Nature’s agenda. A customised doggy treadmill isn’t necessary for your dog to enjoy its benefits. Regular gym equipment will work well, as long as your dog fits and is properly trained. Typically, a 45-pound dog will need a 55-inch treadmill belt.

Dog Exercise Tip 5: Work on indoor agility training

Have you ever seen professional dog shows on TV and wondered how on earth dogs can be trained to perform such impressive tricks? Every dog has to start somewhere, and now is the perfect time to invest in a starter indoor agility kit, like this one from Outward Hound Kyjen. Agility training stimulates the body and the mind and is a great skill to develop during quarantine.

Dog Exercise Tip 6: Search for treats

Another idea is to play hide and seek with dog treats. Ask your dog to sit and stay while you hide the treat in a challenging (but not impossible) location. Your dog will use its advanced sense of smell to locate the hidden treat. Make sure they are familiar with the area you’re playing in, otherwise they could be left searching for hours. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

Dog Exercise Tip 7: Puzzles

Pets love challenges, especially when there’s a reward involved. Try hiding treats inside a puzzle game, or stuff peanut butter inside one of your pet’s toys [Kong has some great toys specifically designed for this purpose]. Play peek-a-boo by covering yourself in a blanket and enjoy your dog’s excitement when you reveal yourself. You can even try covering them with a blanket or sheet and watch as they find their way out from underneath.

Dog Exercise Tip 8: Create an obstacle course

Save your water bottles or cans and build a maze for your pet. Place some treats along the path to lead your pet to the finish line. Make sure to capture the action on video so you can upload it later and show off your pet’s skills to the world.

Dog Exercise Tip 9: Practice old tricks or teach new ones

Another way to challenge your pet and reward them is to work on tricks. Practice the basics and try adding some new moves to the mix. Looking for something more advanced? Have your pet perform their tricks in a specific sequence or randomise the order entirely.

Since progress needs to be rewarded, head over to Golden Swag and get your doggies their own personalised toy box and treats. Their handpicked boxes are tailor-made for your pooch, packed with love and care.

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