Where to Take Your Dog After Lockdown

The national lockdown is affecting us all in different ways. We may be feeling afraid, uneasy, bored or lonely. This goes for our pooches too. They have had to suddenly adapt to a new lifestyle without any true understanding or explanation, which can be extremely stressful for them. They’re probably not used to being cooped up inside 24/7, and miss the freedom and adventure of the outdoors.

So, when the lockdown ends, what will you do first? Your list is probably long. You might be excited to go on a holiday, visit your loved ones, or even just return to work and resume your normal routine. While you’re probably itching to do all of this, make sure to think of your dog, too. Quarantine may have been just as hard on them, and they’re probably dreaming of freedom as you are.

Your pet is part of the equation, so ease back into normality together. You don’t want yours to wake up one day to an empty house, do you? They’ve already had to adapt suddenly once, so let’s make this a smooth transition. One idea is to treat your pooch to a day trip once the laws are lifted.

If you’re struggling to think of a place to go, here are some suggestions that your dog will love.

1. Take a road trip

Road trip with your dog after lockdown

It’s no secret that dogs love car rides. Spend the day cruising in the sun with yours and watch their joy and excitement. After months of house arrest, their first drive will send them into a frenzy. Open the window and let them breath in the fresh air, take in the scenes and enjoy the speed. When it comes to road trips, it’s all about the journey – not the destination!

2. Explore the wilderness and camp with your buddy

Camping trip with your dog after lockdown

If you’re the outdoorsy, adventurous type, why not set up camp in the open air? Find yourself a dog friendly camp site and get packing. Your dog will love the exploring the new territory and running around the open space. This will be an extra special treat after spending so much time indoors during lockdown.

3. Take your dog for a hike

Hike with your dog

If camping isn’t your thing, take a hike with your dog. Some breeds are more physically able than others, so do your research before choosing a location. Smaller dogs and puppies will need a flat and short route, while larger breeds will be more suited to a strenuous trail. Make sure your pet is well trained and obedient. The last thing you want is for yours to get lost in the mountains. It’s best to avoid dangerous terrains with your pooch. Difficult hikes take skill and experience, so leave your dog at home for these.

4. Go to a doggy play park

Dog park

A dog park is a great place for your pet to exercise and socialise. If you only have one dog, meeting others is a real treat for them and is great for their cognitive and emotional development. Let your furry friend roam free and make new friends. After spending so much time in lockdown, they’ll be longing for some interaction with other dogs. While you’ll always be your dog’s number one, it’s also important for them to spend time with their own kind.

5. Bring your dog to a pet spa

Dog spa after lockdown

Let your pooch be pampered, groomed and spoiled by taking them to a dog-friendly spa. While your dog may not enjoy the grooming process, they’ll love a relaxing massage. If you don’t have a dog groomer nearby, take the spa to your home. Give your dog a full body massage, rubbing their head and scratching behind their ears. Treat them to a nice meal afterwards, or perhaps a well-deserved doggy gift box from Golden Swag.

6. Or go to a pet bakery

Pet bakery after lockdown  

Dogs love yummy treats just as much as we do. Nowadays, many bakeries and cafes offer dog-friendly treats. Indulge your pooch with a delicious cake. After months of quarantine, it’s okay to be a little extra. If there are no such bakeries in your area, put your apron on and make your dog some treats at home. There are plenty of recipes online, and this way you know exactly what ingredients you’re feeding your pooch.

7. Do the “whatever your pet touches you buy” challenge

Shopping with your dog after lockdown

Have you seen the videos where dog owners visit the pet store and buy their dog whatever they lay their paws on? Set yourself a budget and get involved. Everyone loves a good shopping spree, and what better way to reward your pooch for their good behaviour during lockdown. Record the challenge on your phone to make the experience more memorable. Your friends and family will enjoy the adorable footage, too.

8. Enjoy a day at the beach

Take your dog to the beach after lockdown    

Find a dog-friendly beach to chill out with your dog. Your pet will love the new sensations and textures. Let them play in the sand and splash in the sea. If your dog isn’t used to the water, teach them how to swim. It will be an incredible bonding experience for you both. Steer clear of choppy and rough waters and always keep an eye on your pooch when they’re near the ocean. To stay sun safe, bring plenty of fresh water and sit in the shade if the heat is intense. Use SPF on your own skin as well as your pooch’s – we all get sunburned. Make sure the beach is clean as you don’t want your dog to step in something sharp and cut their paw. And whatever you do, always remember the number one rule for pet owners: scoop that poop.

9. Take your dog with you while exercising

Run with your dog after lockdown

If you’re a runner, you’re probably excited to get out and about. Why not let your dog come, too? Running together is a great way to spend quality time, while working on both of your fitness.

10. Lastly, take your dog on a walking tour of the city

Take your dog to the city

This is a simple way to relieve the stress your dog has built up over the lockdown period. Simply walking them through the city can reintroduce them to the outside world and help them adjust to normality. Although it may sound simple to you, a walk can be a real adventure for your pooch.

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