Dog with Birthday cake

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Whatever pet you have, they are a part of the family right? Birthdays are always a special occasion; presents, cake and friends. Even if it is your fur friend, you should celebrate their birthdays too!

Pet birthdays are applicable to any species but let’s face it, we spoil our dogs every single day and pet parties are becoming more popular because of them. For plenty of fur parents, they’ll go the extra mile for their fur baby’s day to be more special.

A pet party? For real?

Yes. Hosting a pet party isn’t just fun for your pet but also a great excuse to reunite with your family and friends. It is also a great way to let your kids be involved with the party planning, it is so much fun!

So how far should you go? We collected fun ideas to throw at your pet’s party!

1/ Dog Birthday Box!

Bake a birthday cake for your pup! It’s easier to do today since you can buy cake mixes made specifically for dogs that are super safe, healthy and yummy. A personal touch makes any gift more special and your dog will surely enjoy eating it.

2/ Pet Party!

Invite other dog parents, your few close friends or family that has dogs and have a small party. Of course, let them know they can bring their dogs for a group play date with the dog-celebrant.

Good thing about being a host, you control the level of craziness of your pet party. You can go all out with a glamorous dog cake, foods, games, and decors or you can keep it simple by setting the place warm and cosy for small talks while letting your dog’s play.

3/ Dog spa!

Dog spa

Just like humans, our spoiled dogs needed a pampering every now and then. Schedule your dog’s birthday as a spa day.

You can take your dog to a groomer and make it special by choosing premium treatments. Have a haircut, fur colour, paint its nails, bath, dress it up, you name it! Your dog needed to be looking fabulous on its special day.

Short on the budget or time? You can always DIY and set up a spa at home. Prep a relaxing bath, extra brushing and unlimited supply of petting and cuddling while watching movies. ♥

4/ Games!

Dog in the park

What to give an energetically active dog baby on its special day? Games! Dogs love playing and spending time with you so there is no reason not to celebrate dog birthday by playing games.

Forget the everyday games you’re playing, set up an agility course in your backyard for a new dog thrill. Your Australian Ninja Dog Warrior will be up to that challenge. If your dog is more of a puzzle lover, set up a dog puzzle that keeps him entertained and mentally stimulated.

Level up the fun by getting friends and family involved.

5/ Dog Birthday Box!

dog birthday

If you really want to take your dog’s birthday to the next level, buy your dog a birthday box specially delivered to him.

And you may ask…Box? What box? A Dog Treat Box!

Dog birthday boxes are the latest trend that’s becoming popular since 2019. It’s a goodies box of your choice full of hand selected dog treats and toys.

Our Golden Swag’s box includes:

  • Shredded paper (for your pup’s entertainment)
  • Bow tie
  • Dog treats Samples
  • Vouchers
  • TrackR
  • Shampoo
  • Tennis ball
  • Plush toy
  • Tissue paper (in case your dog sheds a tear of joy because you finally decided to buy the Swag box he wanted.)

Start planning and ordering a dog birthday box now at Facebook or Instagram: @goldenswag or click here.


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