8 Dog Essentials for Happy Holidaying With Your Pet

Travelling with your pooch can be a highly rewarding adventure for both of you. Whether it’s a weeklong road trip or holiday overseas, both of you are sure to enjoy discovering the wonderful things each place has to offer. However, the best way to ensure your fur baby experiences a fun and relaxing trip is by making sure you pack all the following holiday dog essentials:

1. Microchip, collar and name tag

Although losing your dog in a different place may be farthest from your mind, you need to ensure your fur baby is returned to you if he gets lost or wanders off. This is why some countries require pets to be microchipped. On top of this, make sure he has a separate collar with a name tag stating the name of your hotel or accommodation, name and contact number.

2. Long and short leads

Certain pet-friendly places require owners to supervise their dog using a short lead. The long lead is best reserved for exploring the beach, hiking and even shopping. Also, there are places where you may be required to muzzle your pet while walking or riding public transport, so make sure to bring your dog’s muzzle.

3. Beddings and blankets

Bringing along your doggie’s own bedding and blankets can make it easier for him to feel comfortable in your hotel/accommodation. You can also have him use these during your road trip, especially if he seems particularly fussy, anxious or excitable.

4. Poop bags

Take a full roll of poop bags to help make travelling easier for you and your pet. Anytime he feels like pooping, you can simply pull over and grab a bag, so you needn’t worry about the smell and hygiene, too.

5. Dog water and food bowl, and travel water bottle

Help your dog feel comfortable during the trip and in your new place by having travel bowls (which you let him use before) with you. This way, he can indulge in the familiar while still learning about his new place. Also, always bring a travel water bottle which you can carry as you and your pooch enjoy a walk on the beach, or a short hike up a trail.

6. Dog food and yummy treats

Whether your fur baby likes wet dog food or kibble, you can avoid gastrointestinal issues during your trip by bringing his favourite dog food. You can even pre-weigh or portion these, so there’s no need for guesswork if your pup has specific nutritional requirements. Also, use your dog’s favourite treats to help him settle down in strange and unfamiliar places, such as a restaurant, train platform or aeroplane.

7. Vitamins and medication

Keep your pooch healthy by taking his vitamins and any current medication with you on your trip. You should also take his usual flea, tick and worm treatments to make sure he stays protected, especially if you’re going to unfamiliar places.

8. Favourite toys

Adjusting to a hotel will be a lot easier for your pooch if he can take comfort in the familiar smell of his favourite teddy, tennis ball and other toys. If your dog has a Kong, make sure you bring it along, as well. Fill it with his favourite food or treats any time you need to leave him alone or if you have to while away the time in an airport lounge. Also, whether you’re holidaying locally or overseas, make sure you have your pet documents on hand: pet passport, veterinary health certificate, vaccination records and insurance documents. With all of these on hand, you’re sure to have a great time together with your fur baby.

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