How it Works

So, What's in a Swag Box?

Each monthly box contains a combination of treats, toys, occasional hygiene products and accessories (+ samples and vouchers) that have been paw-picked and approved by Malley & Moose, the Chief Product Testers for Golden Swag. 

The amount of pawsome goodies you will receive depends on which plan you subscribe to; Premium or Budget. The Premium Swag Box contains 2 toys, 2 treats, 1 hygiene/skincare product or accessory for your dawg. The Budget Swag Box contains 1 toy, 1 treat and 1 hygiene/skincare product or accessory. But don't forget, both boxes come with those drool-worthy samples and vouchers! 

Each month is thoughtfully crafted and each item is unique from anything we’ll ever send in a later box - variety is the spice of life, no?

We put a great deal of thought, research, and time into creating each month’s box from only choosing high-quality vendors using top ingredients in their treats, to observing our own girl put the toys to the test.  

We’re really proud of our boxes because we know every item is something we’ve seen pups not only enjoy, but benefit from stimulation wise and health wise. And that’s what our goal is - to make pups happy with healthy, life-enriching gifts each month.

Just Follow These Easy Steps...

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Choose your plan

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Tell us where you live

Step 3

Celebrate with your Dawg!

We want to share the love with all Goldens in Australia, not just those lucky enough to get gifted Swag boxes by their pawrents. 

That’s why we support Golden Retriever Rescue Inc (GRR) and Golden Paws Rescue Inc.

How do we support? 

We donate a $1 of each swag box sold every month!

Get your SWAG on!

Your fur-baby would not want to miss out on the pawsomeness of our Swag box especially curated for them! 

In fact, we think they'll be mad at you if you don't sign up! 

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